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StarkNet Testnet Airdrop Guide

StarkNet is an L2 blockchain developed by StarkWare based on ZK Rollup. Currently, its response speed is average, but the ecosystem has already reached a certain scale, and most projects have not issued their own tokens.

This article will guide you to understand StarkNet and participate in testing related projects to potentially receive future airdrops.

From the experience so far, there are often delays when writing contracts, so patience is required when participating in testing.

Background: StarkWare, StarkEx, StarkNet, STARK
StarkEx: This is an extension technology specifically applied to transaction scenarios, currently being used by several Ethereum projects including dYdX, ImmutableX, Sorare, and DeversiFi.

StarkNet: A general-purpose ZK Rollup extension network.

So what about STARK? This brings us to zkSync. We all know that zkSync and StarkNet are both based on ZK Rollup technology, but one of the main differences between them is the zero-knowledge proof technology they adopt:

SNARK (zkSync): Succinct Non-interactive Argument of Knowledge.

STARK (StarkNet): Scalable Transparent Argument of Knowledge.

Ecosystem Projects
Argent X Wallet

Argent X has PC and mobile versions. Many projects only support PC, so it is recommended to use the C version.

Download the wallet from the link below to generate Mainnet and Testnet. It takes some time to deploy before it can be used normally.

Official website:

After successful deployment, you can directly click on "mint" on the wallet to obtain test tokens. If you miss it, you can mint again at the following website:

Get test tokens:


Voyager is the blockchain explorer for the StarkNet ecosystem.

Official website:

Mint Square

Mint Square is an NFT platform based on StarkNet, where you can buy, sell, or mint an NFT. Currently, there seems to be an issue with the minting function.

Official website:


A pixel block building platform similar to MineCraft. After building a model, you can mint it on-chain in the top right corner. You can claim 1000 briq tokens for free and then mint.

Official website:

Bitmap Box

Bitmap Box is an on-chain pixel block building game. Create a pattern and then mint it, and then participate in buying and selling.

Official website:


An NFT platform in the Oasis series, participate in buying and selling.

Official website:


A trading website with three mint buttons at the bottom. Clicking on them will give you test tokens, and then you can buy, sell, provide liquidity, and stake.



Another trading website, same method as above.

Official website:


IBetYou is an on-chain P2P gambling protocol. Currently, only a demonstration contract is deployed on StarkNet. However, the project has not issued its own tokens yet, but you can participate in games on other networks like Matic, hoping for potential airdrops.

Official website:

Dope Wars

Dope Wars is a pixel-style P2E game based on the famous "Drug Wars". It has a nostalgic touch and is currently developing a version for StarkNet.

Official website:


Influence is an MMORPG that will migrate to StarkNet in the future.

Official website:

Phi (Φ)

Another metaverse game that has not yet been launched.



A lending aggregator that is being deployed on StarkNet.

Official website:


Another trading website that has not yet been launched.

Official website:

Loot Realms

Loot Realms is a Loot derivative project built on StarkNet. It has already issued its own tokens, so testing can be skipped.

Official website:


An upcoming NFT platform.

Official website:


Another NFT project, the official website is not yet online.

Official documentation:

The Ninth

The Ninth is a metaverse game with a well-crafted intro, but participation is not yet available.

Official website:

Token Flow

Data analysis, not yet online.

Official documentation:


A powerful trading website that is preparing to support StarkNet. Currently, there are no tokens available, but participating in transactions on other networks may result in potential airdrops.

Official website:


A project similar to AAVE, not yet online.

Official website:


Another AAVE-like project, not yet online.

Official website:


A launchpad project, not yet online.

Official website:


An evil contract exchange, not yet online.

Official website: N/A


A minting platform, not yet online.

Official website:

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