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About Me

Who am I?#

Actually, my blog has been running for more than 10 years. For well-known reasons, websites need to be hosted in China and must have an ICP filing. If you want to go online, you can only choose overseas hosts or VPS for deployment. In those days, the big companies hadn't started using overseas servers yet, so we could only choose some smaller ones. Later, I experienced two instances of IDC running away and losing data. The most recent one was in May last year. Actually, it didn't run away, but I canceled the domain email in my QQ mailbox, which caused me to not receive the renewal notice. I didn't even know that the VPS had been deleted. Starting in 2022, I started to look for a free product that doesn't require payment and is enough for me to use. So I started using products like 4everland and Vercel! Now I have deployed my blog on the chain using Vercel and the open-source system xlog, so I no longer have to worry about data loss and server renewal issues.

What is xlog?#

The first open-source on-chain blog platform, blockchain, all blog data, including website configuration, articles, followers, comments, likes, etc., are signed and stored on the blockchain, and exist in the form of NFT, and can only be controlled by you who hold the private key. Learn more:

Xlog Official Website

Official GitHub

What is Vercel?#

Vercel is the best website hosting service I have ever used. This website is developed based on the Hexo engine template and hosted on Vercel.
Vercel is similar to GitHub Pages, but much more powerful and much faster. After authorizing GitHub to Vercel, you can achieve the most elegant publishing experience. Just push the code lightly, and the project will be automatically updated and deployed.

Vercel Official Website

What is 4everland?#

4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform. It integrates the underlying capabilities of decentralized protocols or networks such as IPFS, Arweave, and Dfinity, providing developers and Web3 projects with core capabilities of decentralized storage, computing, and networking, and building a connection layer between the underlying decentralized storage layer and the application layer.

4everland Official Website

Contact Me#

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