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Binance Visa Card Application Process

I believe that everyone who has been in the cryptocurrency circle for a long time will find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to withdraw funds. So is there any way to make withdrawals easier, especially for those of us who frequently make small withdrawals? If you have this need, then I think Binance's Visa card is very convenient.



Q: Can mainland users apply for this card?

A: No! Don't leave! However, Binance's requirement for this card is that as long as you reside in the EEA (European Economic Area), you are eligible to apply. In other words, even if you are Chinese, as long as you can prove that you reside in the EEA, you can apply for this card. The logic is actually that I am Chinese, I currently live in Europe, so there is no problem with me applying for this card.

Q: What should I do if I live in mainland China?

A: I believe your little brain is smarter than mine, there are always more solutions than difficulties. You may have already figured out how to obtain Palauan citizenship, so getting an EEA residence permit should not be difficult.

Q: How can I receive this card in mainland China?

A: Forwarding service. That's all I can say. You will have your own methods. Currently, most forwarding addresses should already be overwhelmed.

Operation Process#

If you have completed KYC verification and are still using your ID card, you need to cancel KYC and use the following address:

Binance KYC Verification


Please note that when updating KYC, choose to update your identification document to meet the requirements of Binance Card.

After that, you can proceed with the normal KYC verification process, but instead of using your ID card, you will use your passport for verification.


After passing the basic verification, you need to verify your address. However, your country in the upper right corner should be China and it should be grayed out and cannot be changed. At this point, you need to find customer service and inform them:

Hello, I have moved and I am unable to change my current address

Communicate with customer service using similar statements, and then provide your European address to the customer service. They will help you change it to the country you need. After the change, you can submit your address proof. I believe you should have a better method for this.

Applying for Binance Card#

After all the verifications are completed, you can apply for Binance's Visa card!

Apply for Binance Card


After applying, Binance will provide you with a virtual card, with a daily limit of 870 euros. The physical card will be mailed to your European address in about 5 days. It will take about 10-20 days for the card to arrive at your European address, and then you can use a forwarding service to send it back to mainland China, which will also take about 10-20 days.

I haven't received my physical card yet, so I will try the payment process after receiving it.

Currently, the virtual card binding situation is as follows:

Successfully BoundFailed to Bind
MeituanApple Pay
Google PayTo be determined
AmazonTo be determined
PinduoduoTo be determined

I will try the ATM withdrawal situation after receiving the physical card.

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