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Hello everyone, I am Tung Lin's younger brother Gui Lin.

Suggested lessons from domestic disguise projects


V God's Jokes Collection#

It all started when V God changed his Twitter name to "豚林"...

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Then ETH started to plummet these days. As of writing this article, it has fallen below the previous bull market's highest point of 1440u. Then in a certain group, there appeared claims that ETH is a domestic project with founders having Chinese names, and so on...


And then...

Ethereum founder "豚某" has fallen into the legal net in Zhejiang, China. The incident happened like this: "豚某" changed his Twitter name to "ENS domain only", which felt like an insult to the other party, and a fight broke out on the spot! Later, the Zijin police station arrived within 5 minutes and took everyone away!

According to rumors...

The police found about 100 kilograms of Ethereum in the burlap bag in the trunk. The criminals were very cunning and even laid several bundles of leeks on top of the bag. They attempted to escape inspection along the way under the guise of providing supplies.

And also...

After V God was captured by the Chinese police, it was found that his real name is Wang Dachui, a person from Chishuigou Village, Lianhua Township, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. He has been active in Russia, Europe, and the United States for a long time, engaging in telecommunications fraud activities such as Ethereum. He has been extremely cunning and has never been caught. Recently, due to a dispute with someone, he was reported by the people of Chaoyang District and captured by our public security officers.

New leeks are in tears... quickly cut off the "姨太" in their hands...


Finally, hello everyone, I am "归林," the younger brother of "豚林." My brother has been arrested by the Hangzhou police, which has caused "姨太 2.0" to be unable to go online. Now, please transfer 10 ETH to my wallet to bail out my brother. On the day when "姨太 2.0" goes online, I will transfer 100 "姨太" to your wallet. Wallet address: Please find it on this page, thank you!

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