There's no such thing as a free lunch except web3.
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Web3 Jargon Guide

I am from China,
From the Chinese NFT community,
Where we play with NFTs,
And lose money,
Always losing money,
In the community, we say:
Good morning is called GM, good night is called GN,
Profile picture is called PFP, friends are called Fren,
Excitement is called Fomo, holding is called Hodl,
The lowest price is called Floor, running away is called Rug,
10U is called all-in, losing money is called licking the baby,
Technical experts are scientists, and I am the only fool!


💎Diamond hands#

Diamond hands is one of the most popular slang terms in the digital asset and NFT community. It has its own emojis and emoticons, and has even become the theme of the entire NFT project. People with "diamond hands" are not afraid of market fluctuations and hold their positions in the face of negative news, market downturns, or FUD (as defined in the third point).

📃Paper hands#

In contrast to diamond hands, it refers to people who can't hold on.


FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) refers to "fear, uncertainty, and doubt". In the digital asset and NFT community, this term is used to describe inaccurate or completely false negative news reports, tweets, Discord messages, etc. You often see people blaming FUD for causing NFT prices to plummet.


Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a type of anxiety caused by the fear of missing out on something important or exciting that others are experiencing. It is the desire to stay connected and be involved in what others are doing.

🛢️Gas war#

Built on the basis of gas, gas war is a bloody battle. Gas wars are common in Ethereum and have become a "welcome ritual". Once a popular NFT collection is released, you will compete with hundreds of thousands of people for 10,000 NFTs. Therefore, you have to increase the gas fee to outbid others and secure the transaction. This is the so-called gas war.


PFP stands for profile picture and refers to NFT artworks that are used as avatars.


Rugpull is a typical scam where the developers behind a seemingly legitimate project take all the funds and disappear after the project launches. You may receive an NFT as a reward, but it is likely to be worthless and may not even be tradable on the secondary market, so be cautious about getting involved in rugpulls.


GM is the abbreviation for good morning. You can see this term on Twitter and Discord throughout the day, reflecting the global nature and friendly atmosphere of the NFT community.


GN stands for good night, meaning good night.


LFG (Let's fucking go!) can be understood as "let's go!" and is commonly used to express excitement about the launch of a new project or important NFT news.


Ser is derived from "sir".

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