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How to create 100 sub-account addresses to avoid interrelated transfers and prevent witch audits

The purpose of sub-accounts: Sub-accounts on exchanges can avoid the correlation between wallet addresses when transferring funds, which is very important for projects involving multiple wallet interactions. By avoiding the correlation between wallet addresses, we can prevent address correlation witch identification. Since FTX with explosive heads has already burped (moment of silence for 30 seconds), we can use the sub-accounts established by OKX exchange to transfer funds to each other!


The first step is to register an OKX account using the following link (register and bind your email directly on your phone for future security verification and KYC. OKX is essential for domestic cryptocurrency users, whether it is in terms of security, convenience, usage habits, or the fact that OKX can be used in China without the need for a VPN, making the app very convenient). Compared to cross-chain bridges, transferring funds to other chains through exchanges is more secure and cost-effective, making it very suitable for secure fund transfers of various supported tokens.

Registering a sub-account#

  1. After registering an account, click on the red box option and select "Sub-account"


  1. Create a sub-account


  1. Enter the username, password, select a regular sub-account, open the recharge button, and complete the submission


  1. Hover over the "Operation" option and open the "Enable Switch Button"


After switching through the sub-account, create additional addresses. Each sub-account can create 20 addresses, so 5 sub-accounts can create 100 new addresses. Of course, our main account can also create 20 recharge addresses accordingly.

How to use#

  1. Switch to the sub-account (the first sub-account created, shift1)


  1. Go to the recharge page and click on "Deposit"


  1. Select the currency to recharge and the corresponding network (make sure to select the correct recharge network), then click "Next"


  1. Click on the red box option to create a new address


5. Click on "Add New Address" to create up to 20 addresses for recharging


The above content is the complete process of establishing OKX sub-accounts.

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