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Upgrade your Siri to ChatGPT using shortcuts.

Siri can already do a lot for us, but since the end of last year, I believe the biggest star in the AI field should be the AI model chatGPT trained by OpenAI. Is there any way to combine Siri on the phone with ChatGPT to make it smarter?



Guide to integrating chatGPT with Siri, currently only available on iPhone.

Create Account/Log In#

To use chatGPT for the first time, go to the chatGPT official website to create an account:


Click "sign up" to register for an account, or click "log in" if you already have an account.


You can use most email addresses to register for an account, including but not limited to QQ Mail, 163 Mail, Google Mail, and educational email addresses.


If you encounter this situation, it means that there are too many chatGPT users. Just refresh a few times.

After logging in, go to this website to apply for an API:


Log in to your account and click "Create New Security Key" to create an API key.


The key will only be displayed once, only once!!! Remember to keep it safe! If you didn't have time to save the key, you can only generate a new one!! The format of the key is: sk-xxxxxx. It is best to record it for easy access in the future.

No apiky?#

Purchase link: Click to buy

Download Shortcut#

Below are the shortcuts for iPhone:

1.0 Single Q&A:

1.1 Single Q&A with QA:

2.0 Multiple continuous answers:

Due to the multiple versions, after copying, you need to rename them, for example: smart Siri 1.0 ==> smart Siri

Paste your key into the location shown in the image above, note! Select all and replace!


That's it!

Instructions for Use#

Two input methods:

  1. "Hey Siri, smart Siri" to open the shortcut (the first time you open it, there will be permission prompts, just click "yes" all the way)

  2. Open it in the shortcuts app and enter your question in the box below "yes!"

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