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Domestic online SMS verification code platform +86 number optional attribution

eomsg is a paid domestic online code receiving platform in China. All the numbers are +86 numbers, with optional regions. It supports virtual cards and physical cards, and can receive registrations from various platforms. A sister tried it out and found that it costs 1 yuan for each SMS received. It also supports receiving verification codes from specified numbers. For foreign friends who want to use certain domestic services, you can give it a try. Payment supports Alipay and USDT, which is very convenient. However, the only downside is that you need to set up SMS keywords, otherwise you won't be able to extract the information. I tried a few times, and if the information cannot be extracted, there will be no charge.


Platform Homepage Preview#



Recharge AmountPrice
0.00-15.00 yuan1.00 yuan/message
15.00-20.00 yuan0.80 yuan/message
20.00-40.00 yuan0.40 yuan/message
40.00-60.00 yuan0.30 yuan/message
60.00-90.00 yuan0.20 yuan/message
90.00-200.00 yuan0.13 yuan/message
200.00-900.00 yuan0.12 yuan/message
900.00-2000.00 yuan0.11 yuan/message
Above 2000.00 yuan0.10 yuan/message

For multiple recharges, the price is determined by the last recharge amount. USDT can be used for large recharges.

Platform Address:#

Friendly Reminder#

Platforms like this can be shut down or run away at any time, so everyone can recharge a small amount to play with and cherish their own wallets.

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