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Registering for a US Apple ID

For those who often frequent the web3 community, it is common to encounter situations where we cannot download the apps we need from the Apple Store in the Chinese region. In such cases, we need a non-mainland ID. However, many people may think that they cannot register without a phone number from another country. Actually, that's not true. A mainland Chinese phone number with the country code +86 can also be used for registration. We only need a phone number and an email address.



  1. A phone number
  2. An email address
  3. Apple ID official website click here
  4. US address generator: click here

Start Registration#

Go to the Apple ID official website and create an ID in the upper right corner.


Fill in the First Name and Last Name in English.

Select the country as the United States (you can also choose other regions).

Enter your date of birth, which should be over 18 years old, for example, January 1, 1990.

Enter your email address, which will be your Apple ID account in the future.

Enter a password and confirm the password.


Enter your phone number (a mainland Chinese number is fine).

Select SMS as the verification method.

You can uncheck the option for push notifications.

Enter the verification characters.

Click Continue.


After filling in the two verification codes, you have successfully registered an ID! The next step is to verify your payment information. Without verifying your payment information, you will not be able to download any apps from the App Store.

Identity Verification#

Next, we need to use our second website. Verify your payment information and choose a tax-free state to save costs for you.

Here are a few tax-free states in the United States:

New Hampshire

Choose the corresponding state and generate an address. In the payment information section of your Apple ID account, select "None" as the payment method and fill in the other address information.


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